Children’s Cancer Support charity The Joshua Tree was founded in 2006 by Lynda and David Hill after their son was diagnosed with leukaemia.

They discovered a distinct lack of support services for all family members during the traumatic experience of childhood cancer.

Lynda Hill, Founder of The Joshua Tree Charity, has utilised her degree in Psychology and MSc in Practitioner Research to aid her role in setting up the family support aspect of the charity along with her personal experiences. In 2015, she was awarded Cheshire Woman of the Year for her service to the community.

Cancer Support

The Family Support Team are dedicated to working closely with families to the charity in recognising that every family’s cancer journey is unique. Tailoring the services to suit the family’s specific needs, by means of emotional and practical support. Such as counselling, art and play therapy, health and wellbeing advice, support in and around the home and educational tutoring where required.

Josh is now a healthy young man who has reaped the benefits of the physical fitness and nutritional development offered by the support services. He is currently studying Health and Fitness to help more young people overcome the effects of childhood cancers.

The charity’s interest in clinical research continues with the development of links with surrounding universities to better understand the effects that childhood cancer has on a family emotionally, cognitively and physically.

The focus remains at the heart of the charity to continue to offer support to the whole family, from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. We specifically recognising that post-treatment can be a challenging time when families are having to adapt to their 'new normal.' The charity offers support to help bridge the gap that’s left when the safety net of treatment ends.

Cancer Support

Dai Hill

Founder and Life President

Tonia Ball
Having graduated from Southampton University with a PhD in Chemistry back in 1990, I have undertaken a variety of roles within the Health and Safety Executive in Buxton ever since. My current role is in the field of risk assessment and computer programming, but I have also had experience of project management.

Lynda and I got married in 1990, moving to Northwich and settling here, we brought up our three children, now young adults. Josh’s diagnosis in 1999 was a huge shock for us all. His illness changed the direction of our lives. As a consequence of our experiences as a family, we put all our efforts into developing The Joshua Tree, and it has been wonderful to see it grow and flourish. We have had the privilege of helping many families through their own cancer journey over the years and we will strive to enable this work to continue.

I have varied interests and love to try new hobbies. Over the years I have dabbled with photography, close up card magic, and spray paint art (but not really mastered any of them!!). I really enjoy playing board games and solving puzzles. I would love to develop and run an ‘escape room’ or ‘board game’ café.