Despite the dreary weather, Easter at The Joshua Tree was filled with joy and laughter as our beneficiary families came together to celebrate!

Family Fun:

Our family support team worked their fairy magic to create interactive setups for children and parents alike. From Easter bonnet making to messy play tables and party games, there was something for everyone to get involved with. The free-flow layout allowed children to explore independently, giving parents valuable time to catch up with each other.

A highlight of the day was a visit from the one and only Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny led everyone on the Easter egg hunt around the grounds, followed by an Easter bonnet dancing parade that brought smiles to all.

Special Guests:

We were thrilled to have join us once again to create stunning artwork with families using their foil printing process. Additionally, local carpenter Greg lent his skills to make charming birdboxes with the children and adults, adding to the day's creative atmosphere.

The support we receive from individuals and businesses like and Greg is truly heart-warming. Their willingness to volunteer their time and skills for our families demonstrates the incredible difference community support can make.

If you have a skill and could offer your time voluntarily to The Joshua Tree, we'd love to hear from you! Your contribution can make a meaningful impact on our events and the families we support.

To express your interest and for further information contact:

Sweet Surprises:

A special shoutout to Layers for donating a whopper of an Easter egg! The egg was a sight to behold and brought families together as they gathered to crack it open.

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as cracking open a chocolate egg can unite families? It was great to see everyone gather around in the kitchen area, eagerly anticipating the moment when the egg would crack open then enjoying the chocolate. It's simple moments like these that remind us of the joy and connection that come from sharing special moments with loved ones.

Thank you to Layers for another generous donation!

More Than Just Fun:

Our family events are more than just fun outings—they're essential moments for families to connect and support each other through the challenges of childhood cancer. It's a time for parents to see their children play joyfully alongside others who truly understand their journey.

These gatherings also provide an opportunity for parents and our support workers to witness the remarkable growth and development of the children as they navigate their treatment journey as well as checking in on the wellbeing of siblings. And for those in remission, it's a chance for us to ensure they continue to receive the support they need.

At The Joshua Tree, wellbeing is at the core of what we do.  Our events create lasting memories and offer families a much-needed escape.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all our incredible volunteers for their dedication and hard work in making our Easter event a huge success! Special thanks to and Greg for organising fun activities, and to Layers for generously donating the gigantic chocolate egg that brought so much joy to everyone. 🍫

And a shoutout to The Ice Cream Farm for bringing the Easter Bunny to our centre as part of our exciting new partnership!

Learn more about our collaboration here: