The new purpose-built Joshua Tree support centre is taking shape!

Exciting developments are afoot as the windows and roof are about to be installed, making a watertight building. Within the support centre, there will be a dedicated teenage wing where visitors can spend time with their peers, hang out with friends or just feel like a normal teenager with others who ‘get it’ including teenage siblings. This will also provide a quiet space for the young people to concentrate on their studies.

The teenage area will be separated from the main floor space by partition doors to allow for privacy, peace and reflection. There are so many challenges facing these young people and our vision is to provide a zone for them to unwind which will help to make their lives as bearable as possible.

Do you feel you can help with our vision and want to make a difference? If so, please visit our Amazon Wish List, which is developing daily and will furnish and equip the centre with the essentials to make it feel like home from home…