Our Vision

We provide bespoke programmes of support to improve the emotional well-being and mental health of all immediate and extended family members who are affected by childhood cancers, across North-West England and North Wales, for as long as they need it.

We deliver this through our values, which are:


We use our expertise in delivering our priorities by putting beneficiaries first. We are clear and timely in our decision making, ensuring that all who interact with us understand our objectives.


We enable individuals to be creative, by generating and implementing ideas that promote our vision and mission to support families caring for a child with cancer.


We are determined to make a difference by having courage to try new ideas that reflect beneficiary changing needs.


We create energy and enthusiasm, celebrating our successes and individual achievements, trusting each other to make decisions and are accountable for our work and provide each other with support.


We act with integrity, ethically and free from bias, valuing diversity and treating each other well. We act in an open and transparent way, promoting and sharing good practice.


We show care, kindness, understanding, sensitivity and empathy to our beneficiaries and to all who come into contact with our charity.

Our Values
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