Corporate partnerships are an incredibly important aspect of our charity along with the relationships we develop through them.

We consider it more a friendly relationship that benefits not only our charity but also the companies and employees we work with.

We want to help you inspire and increase customer and staff engagement. This can be done through our awareness-raising campaigns, staff and customer fundraising as well as sponsorship.

Corporate Partnerships

By choosing The Joshua Tree as your Charity fundraising partner we will ensure that your business is making a social impact. We will also help to align your social strategies and business needs.

The Joshua Tree value each and every one of our corporate partners. We want to make the experience as meaningful for you and your employees as it is for us and the people who use our services.

Our aim is to engage and support your employees. They can make a real difference for families affected by childhood cancer and ensure they get the support they need.

Choosing The Joshua Tree as your charity partner is a great way to:

  • Meet your organisation's corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Boost staff morale and motivation, while having a positive impact on the organisation's culture
  • Team bonding
  • Social media and PR coverage

To learn more about becoming a corporate partner please contact us.

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