Our Family Support Services

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a frightening experience for the whole family. At The Joshua Tree we provide emotional and wellbeing support to children and their families at diagnosis and beyond.

Families involved in the care of a child with cancer experience changes in their daily routines, relationships, communications and their roles within the family. The child’s cancer affects the family’s need for care, self-esteem, social interaction and functioning.

Listed below are areas of support incorporated into our programmes which focus on emotional well being. We offer targeted educational support where falling behind can often cause anxiety and promote a healthy lifestyle with personal fitness and nutrition, to not only aid recovery,
but rediscover a sense of self.

Being told that your child has a serious illness may have a devastating impact on the whole family. Counselling can help explore feelings and express thoughts and emotions in a safe and confidential environment.

Sibling Support

A cancer diagnosis has a huge impact on the whole family. The Joshua Tree can offer support to siblings by providing services to help them express emotion and concern.

We currently support families across the North West and into North Wales. Support is offered to all family members, including siblings and grandparents and close family friends.

Personal Fitness & Nutrition

Personal fitness is a vital part of a child’s recovery when affected by cancer, nutrition during and after cancer treatment can be a real source of stress and worry.

Using the arts as a medium to express emotions can improve an adult's emotional well being and the child’s self-esteem, benefitting them emotionally and intellectually.


At The Joshua Tree, we understand that children aren't always able to attend school and schools are not always prepared for the ongoing impact a cancer diagnosis.  We offer support to the child, family and school community.

Access Cancer Support

The Joshua Tree is here whenever you need us. Whether that is at diagnosis, during treatment or post-treatment, 1 year, 5 years or 10 years down the line.