Payroll Giving is a flexible scheme, which allows anyone who receives their pay through payroll to give regularly and on a tax-free basis to the charity of their choice.

Payroll Giving or ‘Give as you Earn’ is a valuable, long-term source of revenue, that will provide The Joshua Tree with a regular income contribution to help support the families affected by childhood cancers.

It's cheaper because it's tax-free - for example, a donation of £5 per month costs the basic rate tax payer £4.00 (the taxman pays the rest!).

The table below shows how giving through your salary can really add up:

Your monthly donation We receive (if you pay 20% tax) We receive (if you pay 40% tax) We receive (if you pay 45% tax)
£5.00 £6.25 £8.33 £9.09
£10.00 £12.50 £16.67 £18.18
£15.00 £18.25 £24.99 £27.27
£20.00 £25.00 £33.32 £36.36

It is easy to set up a payroll giving scheme and donate to The Joshua Tree Now, your employer can find out more by visiting the Payroll Giving website

To speak to us about Payroll Giving, please contact the Income Generation Team directly on 01606 331858 or email

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