We know that children undergoing treatment will regularly miss out on opportunities to attend school.

This creates not only gaps in their education and learning, but also opportunities to make and maintain friendships causing social isolations, which can have an enormous impact on emotional well-being. 

Treatments can often cause ongoing side effects which can affect the child’s learning, such as high levels of fatigue, as well as the side effects of radiation or 'Chemo Fog' which effects concentration levels; attention; memory and retaining information.

We have found that the extra support of individualised tutoring can really benefit children and teenagers. This not only aids their subject knowledge and help them to catch up, but also increases their confidence and self-esteem.


At The Joshua Tree we understand that schools are not always prepared for the ongoing impact a cancer diagnosis can have on the whole family and school community. We can work closely with the schools to support the relationship between home and school to ensure children are still able to reach their full potential, academically and emotionally.

We can offer:

  • 1:1 emotional support in school
  • Educational Tutoring at home, the child’s school or the Support Centre
  • Sibling support in school
  • Advice and information to schools

Children affected by cancer can miss an incredible amount of regular schooling during diagnosis and subsequent treatment. For example, a boy diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) will undergo 3 years of chemotherapy treatment. This means a lot of the first 18 months to 2 years will be spent in and out of hospital, not only receiving chemotherapy but also being treated for the side effects e.g. sickness, lack of immunity and infection.

"The support offered by The Joshua Tree has allowed our children who are in need of additional emotional support to have tailored and bespoke 1:1 sessions with a friendly face when they have needed these the most."

Primary Deputy Head, 2018

“The Joshua Tree has offered support to our families in times of crisis and strengthened and supported the home school relationships. The team at The Joshua Tree have supported staff with advice, signposting and strategies of how to best support our children and families when they have been in very difficult places and when they have needed this high level of support the most.”

Northwich Primary SENCO, 2018
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