The Joshua Tree wish to make ambassadors the heart of our fundraising structure. The contribution of ambassadors to the work of The Joshua Tree is especially valued and respected.

Ambassadors increase our capacity to raise awareness of The Joshua Tree and to help support our families during an incredibly difficult time.

Ambassadors' involvement can be:

  • Telling their story without any personal involvement.
  • To be included in our case studies and remain anonymous.
  • Providing The Joshua Tree with personal photos of their child cancer journey.
  • Providing The Joshua Tree with personal stories and quotes about their child cancer journey.
  • Completing an Ambassador questionnaire (this will be shared for promotional purposes).
  • To attend a one-off photo and video shoot (whole family).
  • Social media posts and campaigns including “Family Fridays”.
  • Website, included in the section on “Our Families”.
  • To attend The Joshua Tree fundraising events and talk about their child cancer journey and the support received from The Joshua Tree.
  • Presentations to potential funders, corporate partnerships, volunteers etc. (only if they feel comfortable and they will be given guidance and support throughout).
  • To feature on promotional material (booklets, posters, banners etc).
  • Attendance and speaking at community and recipient fundraising events. (only if they feel comfortable and they will be given guidance and support throughout).
  • To include their story in Grant applications to help support the future of The Joshua Tree (this will remain anonymous).
The Joshua Tree Ambassadors

Each Ambassador adds their own voice and experience and helps raise awareness. Not only is this empowering for the Ambassador, but it will show the impact of childhood cancer and the need for support for the whole family and their friends.

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