Chris Percival and Claire Carrick

Family Ambassador

Chris-Percival-pictureWe are mother and daughter who are proud to be Family Ambassadors for The Joshua Tree.

‘Our’ Noah was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma when he was just 16 months old and we as a family were supporting him through his horrendous treatments. These included multiple surgeries, many rounds of Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and Proton Beam therapy in Oklahoma USA. It was then we were introduced to The Joshua Tree. Up until that point we felt very alone in our attempts to help each other at our darkest times whilst keeping life fun for Noah.

The Joshua Tree stepped in to ‘hold us up’ like no struggling family member could. They befriended Noah and supported us through many life traumas. We sadly lost our Noah after his 3rd relapse aged just 4 and a half.

The Joshua Tree were there with us every step of the way and they helped us ensure that Noah lived every day to its fullest with his smile firmly in place.

We cherish and appreciate The Joshua Tree as it continues to support us as a family and individually as we try to move on, by introducing us to other families who have been in our situation and by offering us counselling when we need it and friendship when we don’t.

We have chosen to be ambassadors for this wonderful charity in the hope we can pay forward all their kindness and support by endeavouring to promote The Joshua Tree at every opportunity to ensure it is able to continue to offer a bespoke support to families who have been affected by having a child with cancer.

Noah's story

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