The iPad loan scheme is available to young cancer patients and their families to help keep connected, and deliver a valuable communication lifeline.

Applications are welcome from any member of the family. We are able to offer one iPad per family on a loan basis. No third-party referrals.

The iPads are for your use, but we would love to see you on one of our online sessions, such as our Family Saturdays, Meals with Mike or a more tailored 1:1 programme that we can run with you at home or in hospitals. Keep an eye out for our brand new 'SuperSibs' programme too.

The initial loan period will be for 6 months with an opportunity to renew based on the same criteria as the initial application. We understand that the length of treatment varies depending on the type of cancer. 

By submitting this application, you are agreeing to the following:

  • That you opt-in to The Joshua Tree’s GDPR Policy
  • That you agree to the terms and conditions set out by our iPad Loan Policy
  • That if you are successful you also agree to take part in feedback regarding the impact the iPad has had on the well-being of your child

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