We hit the nail on the head with our Family Saturday Event, ‘Build it’.

Together we held onto our hard hats and got to work using magnetic blocks, kennex, lego and sand to build out of the box creations throughout the Centre. The children and parents enjoyed dressing as construction workers and taking to the work bench using their imagination to create machinery, buildings and the tallest of towers!

The outdoor constructive play encouraged the children to develop their problem solving in a group environment. We experimented with different materials and discovered new ways to be able to build a car, truck and boat. Working as a group encouraged the children to listen, take turns and work as a team to create something out of the box!

A huge thank you to Martin Downes CEO of MD Earthworks for providing our construction gear, sand and building materials and Johnathon fell CEO of the Ice Cream Farm for providing us with some fantastic magnetic building blocks.