Penelope Cheshire, Managing Director of one of the world’s most successful beauty brands, Beauty Works, has partnered with The Joshua Tree, having pledged a three-year commitment to support the charity.

In addition to donating her time and financial assistance, Penelope will be visiting the Support Centre with the team to offer ‘pamper sessions’ with the children and their families.  Penelope will also be sponsoring an event later in the year.

A much respected and revered businesswoman and female entrepreneur, Penelope is renowned for her philanthropic activity.  She is particularly proactive in employing young women from low socio-economic backgrounds and is a vocal advocate for men and women’s rights to wear hair pieces without fear of judgement or embarrassment, vital for those suffering from illness-related hair loss and cancer.  Penelope is deeply committed supporting the charity sector and in February 2020, launched the Penelope Cheshire Foundation through which her continuing charitable work is filtered.

“We are delighted to have Penelope and Beauty Works on board as corporate partners and very much look forward to their valued input,” said Richard Driffield, Chief Executive Officer of The Joshua Tree.  “As an organisation, we do not receive any form of government funding, and so it is vital that supporters, such as Penelope, are willing to help in this way.  Our organisation is growing, with more and more families needing the help and support that we provide, so it’s wonderful to know that such growth is supported by philanthropists such as Penelope.”

“We are thrilled to be involved with The Joshua Tree, a charitable organisation that is making such a positive impact on the lives of children with  childhood cancers, and their families.  The work that they do is outstanding, and we are honoured to be able to collaborate with them,” said Penelope.