Dance Project Celebrates

Courage and Creativity

in Partnership with Eleni.Cymru

Four remarkable individuals from schools across Flintshire and Denbighshire have been part of a transformative dance project, a collaboration between professional dance practitioners from Eleni.Cymru and The Joshua Tree.  

This initiative, guided by the expertise of dance practitioners and our North-Wales Family Support Officer Lea, has not only fostered creativity but also built confidence and self-esteem among the young participants. 

The project involved three siblings and one beneficiary, all of whom brought their unique perspectives and experiences to the sessions.  

As part of the initiative, the dance practitioners aimed to create a cohesive thread between all four participants. This thread was symbolised by a specific set of movements—a particular jump, footwork, hand gestures, and a turn—that were taught to each and showcased in a short film, highlighting their collective journey. 

Rachel, one of the practitioners, reflected on the progress she witnessed: “I saw participants develop confidence in their creativity and dance skills week by week, but also in their communication and self-esteem, which was beautiful to see! I was so proud of each participant for finding their own creative voice and style, whilst performing to an audience all by themselves, as this requires so much courage! 

Jo, representing Eleni, expressed her appreciation for the partnership: “On behalf of Eleni, I want to express how lovely it has been working with The Joshua Tree, it really has been such a special project to be part of and I know all of our practitioners have loved being part of it too. 

Amanda, another practitioner, echoed this sentiment: “I think it was a great idea for Eleni to team up with The Joshua Tree. This was a beneficial project to be a part of, for the participant and myself as a practitioner. 

In the journey through childhood cancer, the whole family feels the impact. While the focus understandably falls on the diagnosed child, siblings can sometimes feel lost in the shuffle as parents navigate this challenging time. Balancing attention and support among all children is a delicate and ongoing process for parents. 

At The Joshua Tree, we understand the importance of supporting siblings. That’s why the dance project with Eleni.Cymru was designed with this in mind. The sessions provided siblings with 1:1 time with a professional dance practitioner, ensuring they received the full support and attention they deserve. This dedicated time allowed them to express themselves creatively and feel valued and heard. 

The impact of the project on the participants was profound. One parent shared, “The project gave Summer something to look forward to each week. It enabled her to talk and express feelings, sometimes without realising.” This feedback underlines the importance of such initiatives in giving siblings a space to process their emotions. 

By offering tailored support to siblings, The Joshua Tree helps ensure that no child feels overlooked or unsupported. Projects like these highlight our commitment to addressing the needs of the entire family, providing a holistic approach to support during challenging times. 

The project's culmination was a celebration of each individual's journey. Participants had the opportunity to perform their routines for an audience of friends, teachers, and family members. They were also awarded certificates and a film montage that commemorated their incredible progress and achievements. 

This dance project stands as a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and support in transforming lives. Through the partnership between Eleni and The Joshua Tree, these four young individuals have not only developed new skills but also gained the confidence and courage to express themselves, paving the way for brighter futures.