Unlock the Benefits of Nordic Walking with The Joshua Tree

Our recently launched Nordic walking group has been gaining momentum since it started in March 2024, and we're thrilled to announce that it's already become a hit with our community of parents. After a successful trial period, we're gearing up to kick off our next course starting on the 3rd of May.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a dynamic walking technique utilising poles to engage both your upper and lower body, providing a complete workout that feels enjoyable rather than strenuous. It's a social and engaging activity suitable for both urban and natural environments all year-round.

This form of exercise uses specialised poles, different from trekking poles, to boost your natural walking motion. Inspired by the upper body movement in cross-country skiing, Nordic Walking offers a full workout adaptable to various intensity levels—whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a vigorous session.

This popular outdoor activity is known for its versatility and health benefits.

Benefits of Nordic Walking:

Whole Body Workout: Utilising 90% of major muscles, Nordic walking targets both upper and lower body muscles, improving posture, body tone, and metabolism.

Joint-Friendly: By spreading the load and providing momentum, Nordic walking poles reduce pressure on joints, allowing you to walk further and faster with less strain on knees, hips, and ankles.

Calorie Burner: Incorporating more muscles means burning more calories – up to 20-40% more than regular walking. Mastering the correct technique is key to maximising calorie burn.

Mental Health Boost: Exercise combined with immersing ourselves in nature and fresh air provides a mood-boosting experience. Our relaxed, sociable group environment fosters enjoyment and relaxation as we take in the scenic views.

Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals and forge friendships within our welcoming group. Our Nordic walking sessions are open to all beneficiary families and any accompanying friends, regardless of experience.

Our Focus:

At The Joshua Tree, our primary goal is the holistic wellbeing of every family member affected by childhood cancers. We firmly believe that prioritising wellbeing and fostering positive mental health equips individuals facing a cancer diagnosis with the resilience needed to navigate the challenges and strains that accompany such a journey.

To support this objective, we offer wellbeing sessions aimed at elevating endorphins and promoting positive mental health. Our Nordic walking group, for instance, provides participants with an opportunity to step away from their worries and dedicate time to enhancing their personal wellbeing.

Join Us:

Start by mastering the technique and building confidence in Nordic Walking as we explore local walks close to our Cheshire support centre such as Delamere Forest. The Group will be led by qualified instructor, Kerry (check out her Instagram here).

The Nordic Walking group will take place during our Friday Wellbeing sessions, giving adults the chance to enjoy a walk as well as complimentary therapy sessions along with refreshments at the centre. We guarantee you’ll end the week feeling revitalised and positive.

“After walking, talking and laughing, we always returned to the Joshua Tree centre refreshed and energised, feeling that we had made a positive start to the day. Highly recommended!”


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to stay active, connect with others, and explore the countryside.

Book your spot now and let's stride towards a healthier, happier you!

Email: familysupport@thejoshuatree.org.uk