In Aid of The Joshua Tree

A Powerful Way to Support Families Affected by Childhood Cancers

Hosting an event "In aid of The Joshua Tree" is a profound way to support our charity and the families we serve. Regardless of its scale, dedicating an event to The Joshua Tree can make a significant impact in two key ways:

Raising Awareness:

Hosting an event in aid of The Joshua Tree helps us to raise awareness of the vital work we do for families affected by childhood cancers. By showcasing The Joshua Tree during the event, on football shirts, charity banners, via social media, we hope to inspire individuals to inquire about the charity and get involved through volunteering, fundraising, or partnerships. Moreover, increased awareness helps us to reach families affected by childhood cancers, ensuring they receive the support they need during their challenging journey.


Whether it's through ticket sales, raffles, or donation slots within an event, every fundraising effort plays a crucial role in supporting our mission. The funds raised enable us to continue providing bespoke services to families across the North-West and North Wales. As a not-for-profit charity, The Joshua Tree relies on grants, fundraising, and donations to operate effectively and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by childhood cancers.

F-TOC FC - Charity Football Club

F-Toc FC have raised nearly £4,000 for The Joshua Tree over the past two years and almost £10,000 for cancer charities since its establishment in 2020.

Their fundraising efforts have come from a variety of ways, including hosting football matches in support of The Joshua Tree where proceeds from ticket sales, bucket collections, and donations have all contributed to the money raised.

In a recent game held on April 27th at Oldham Athletic, the match officials generously donated their match fees to the club's fundraising efforts, a great sign of support for the club and charity.

This ongoing partnership underpins the importance of sustained support from partners like F-Toc FC in maintaining The Joshua Tree's vital services. For more information on becoming a corporate partner, click here.

As well as announcing the charity during the games, F-Toc FC also proudly displayed The Joshua Tree logo on their football kit, further increasing awareness of the charity. Even smaller clubs, such as Davenham Under 9's, show their support for the charity in ways that are accessible to them which we’re so grateful for.

Our fundraising team can assist in arranging kits featuring the charity's logo, a simple yet impactful way to raise awareness.

Stay updated on upcoming F-Toc FC matches through their Facebook account here.

Cheshire FA

Cheshire FA are proud to announce that their new chosen Charity Partners for 2023-24, is The Joshua Tree. Cheshire FA CEO, Steve Smithies, spoke of his pride at working with The Joshua Tree: “Throughout the season, we will be supporting The Joshua Tree in many different ways. We are aware of the devastating affects childhood cancers can have on not just the child, but also their close and wider family. The work the Joshua Tree team do is invaluable and inspiring. We will be helping in any way we can to give further support to all involved with The Joshua Tree.”

Cheshire FA have already successfully  raised significant funds through a series of 'In Aid Of' events, including their recent end-of-year awards evening. This event provided an excellent platform to showcase The Joshua Tree's vital work, featuring a speaker from the charity and a poignant video highlighting supported families and the charity's centre. Attendees were also encouraged to contribute to the cause during the event, highlighting Cheshire FA's commitment to furthering The Joshua Tree's mission.

Our team will gladly be available to assist with similar in aid of events, offering support with speakers, promotional materials, and donation collections.

Read more about our partnership with Cheshire FA here.

Watts Commercial

Watts Commercial Finance has set a remarkable example for other companies looking to partner with charitable organisations. Their outstanding ability to raise substantial funds for The Joshua Tree is truly commendable. Through hosting large-scale fundraising events in support of the charity, they provide vital financial support crucial for the long-term sustainability of our not for profit organisation.

This year, Managing Director Phil Gray demonstrated remarkable dedication by trekking to the Arctic circle in aid of The Joshua Tree, raising significant funds and awareness for our cause. His commitment underlines the profound understanding he and his company have of the importance of our work.

Read all about the Arctic Trek here.

Another large-scale event hosted by Watts was the Watts Commercial Charity Dinner held at the Lowry Hotel on April 27, 2024, attended by around 240 guests. Phil Gray beautifully summed up the spirit of the evening, stating, "A night like this truly celebrates the amazing individuals in our industry who embody the spirit of giving and unity." Phil continues; “"We are immensely proud to have orchestrated an event that not only recognises their generosity but also makes a tangible difference in the lives of families facing the battles of childhood cancers. Here at Watts Commercial, supporting The Joshua Tree is not just a commitment; it's a passion. We deeply believe in the invaluable work of this remarkable charity and are honoured to stand alongside them in their mission.”

See picture from the event and read more about the evening here. 

While organising such events can be daunting, our experienced fundraising team is well-equipped to help ensure their smooth delivery. At the Watts dinner, we showcased our charity banners, provided informational cards along with token Joshua Tree pin badges for all guests, and our CEO delivered a powerful speech about the charity. Additionally, Watts Commercial offered the opportunity for a beneficiary father to share his family’s cancer journey. This powerful moment  highlighted the invaluable support provided by The Joshua Tree and how indispensable we are to families support network.

Opportunities like these, help us expand our reach and further our mission. As a charity driven by the goal of supporting families affected by childhood cancers, our long-term plans include expanding our services beyond the North-West and North Wales. Large-scale events like these play a crucial role in supporting our expansion efforts.

What To Expect

When holding an event in aid of The Joshua Tree, we first encourage individuals and companies to visit our centre to truly understand our charity's mission and become passionate advocates for The Joshua Tree. At our Support Centre in Cheshire, you can witness first-hand the supportive environment we offer families and the tranquil woodland setting which provides a much-needed sense of escapism for families and visitors alike.

Our fundraising team will work closely with you to provide the necessary resources for your event, assist in collecting donations, and promote your company and event through our social media channels. Additionally, we'll collaborate on a coherent plan for future events and discuss the level of support you'd like from us to ensure the success of your endeavours in supporting our cause.

For more information or to tell us about an event you’re hosting and would like it to be in aid of The Joshua Tree, no matter its scale, please contact